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Friday, 5 May 2017

Granny stripe blanket and ponchos

Hello amazing crochet friends...

Spring/Summer is upon us and it's lovely to feel the heat from the sun as I drive down the road with the window rolled down, hand sticking out. I live smack dab in the center of Canada and winters' here are long and rough. Lots of crochet time through the winter, which is peaceful and relaxing.

I went head first into crochet a few years ago although I have been crocheting since my teens. My grandmother taught me how to make a chain as a child but I never went further than that. It wasn't until shopping on my own one day, in downtown Winnipeg that I came across a Learn to Crochet book, bought it, some yarn and a hook and I was on my way.

After several smaller projects, ponchos, hats, scarves, etc., I became hooked/addicted to making blankets. This is thanks to Lucy at Attic 24. I have recreated several of her lovely blankets, even going as far as to order the yarn from the UK as I can't get Stylecraft here in Winnipeg.

Actually our only major supplier of yarn is Micheal's and the selection is sad, unless you are a fan of Vanna yarn, which I am not. I once spent a year crocheting a granny square blanket in several colors, if memory serves it was about 15 colors. It was so detailed with each square using 4 colors of yarn. What a job. It was lovely and I was so proud until I washed it. It basically fell apart in my dryer and came out a limp dish rag... a huge limp dishrag. I cried and the entire thing went in the trash.
That was my first "kill" and blame the yarn as I have washed several other items since and they are fine.

In Micheal's defense they do sell a Micheal's brand "Impeccable" that works up very nice but the color selection is minimal.  I have become used to the DK yarn from the UK and I guess I'm spoiled now.

This is a blanket made with the Impeccable yarn available only at Micheals. Worsted weight and good price. Washed up nice too. But it's not DK and I love DK. Why is it so hard to get in Canada?

I used the same yarn to make this colorful poncho a few years back. The same poncho was made in two sizes for two different little girls. I do think all little girls should have a poncho... don't you?
Love the pompoms.

In the coming weeks I will share some of my past projects as well as my current project where I am making two of the same blanket, at once, using different colors. I am very excited about this summer project. I try wet blocking for the first time with the hopes of not "killing" this next project. I will share that too.

Peace to you ~ Arlene

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