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Friday, 7 July 2017

An Old Green Bike and my Cosy Stripe Blanket

It's Friday. The sun is shining and I am filled with anticipation for this weekend. We had so much fun last weekend as we were celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday. There were fireworks and visiting friends and of course, yard sales.

On Saturday morning we traveled around the area, going from yard sale to garage sale picking up some great treasures.

We found a Vintage Glider bike made in England for $20. It was oily and dirty and the tires were wrecked but I was tickled pink. It was smaller than you typically see in this style of bike and at only 5' tall I was the perfect height for it!

Luckily the shops were open Sunday and we were able to replace the tubes and the tires which were rotten right through. B greased and repacked the bearings, we adjusted the break lines and the handle bars and I took it for a spin. I rode it around Winnipeg Beach with an extra large grin on my face. Proud to be pedaling this old beauty.

I love vintage things, bicycles and all things green. I am presently working on the two Marinke Slump tribute blankets but after that my fall project will be greens and purples. I will start planning and order my yarn. I prefer the Stylecraft Special DK so I will have to order it from Wool Warehouse. Lovely people to deal with.

The first Attic 24 blanket I made was the Cosy Stripe. Just look at those colors. I was so enamored with its lovely stripes that I took dozens of photos from every angle and with every background. I adore this blanket on the bed at the cottage, it looks so inviting. During the warmer months it is folded up on the chair in the sunroom. Just look at that sweet border!

So now this colorful stripey blanket is the star of my blog, it and my divorce tattoo!

A fun filled weekend to you all ~ Arlene

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Rhubard Crumble on the BBQ

Last week I spent 10 days at the cottage and found myself with an overabundance of ripe Rhubarb. The lusciousness of the red and green colors and the sour taste and smell got me thinking... Rhubarb Crumble. I popped over to the local store and picked up a basket of strawberries and went to working chopping and slicing until everything was ready.

Strawberries, sugar and flour.

Add in the star of the show... the Ruhbarb.

This mixture overfilled my little BBQ safe aluminum 9x9 pan. I actually doubled up the pan for added strength and to catch any luscious, sweet drips.

Baked at 375° for about 45 minutes. The smell of the Crumble cooking made my mouth water and I was so happy it was going to be okay. Cooking on the BBQ, you just never know.

So that day I skipped dinner and had Crumble and Vanilla Ice Cream instead. A concession I was happy to make. The Crumble was so delicious... sweet & sour.

I found the recipe online and will make it again for sure.

You should give it a go one day, and enjoy.