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Monday, 8 May 2017

Cottage Opening and My Beachy Blanket

What a weekend! I'm exhausted. We opened up our cottage this weekend and spent a busy day organizing and putting things away. Airing out lots of handmade blankets and enjoying a fire in the yard. (That's Gus in the bottom right of the first photo)

We are lucky to own this lovely 1920's cottage in a small town located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. It's a great place to spend summer days and evenings. We sure do miss it come the nasty colder fall/winter weather.

I have spent many hours crocheting at the cottage and working on my stack of handmade blankets that sit in the corner of the sunroom.

The wavy pattern and colors of this pretty Attic 24 creation have to be my favorite. It's so beachy and colorful. This blanket is call the Coastal Ripple and information can be found here.

I left the ends wavy when completing the border, I just thought they were so pretty. I love Lucy's patterns. Her sense of color is impeccable. I always wear grey and subdued colors and have shied away from using bright colors in my crochet work but I am having a great time working with all the lovely colors of Stylecraft Special DK. All those colorful, wavy rows make me so happy.

Yarn for this blanket can be found here. The prices are great and the shipping is fast and reasonable. They are terrific to deal with and handle any issues quickly and pleasantly.

I was reading online this morning and saw a post about someone who was willing to hire someone to weave in her ends. When you doing a stripe, granny square or corner to corner, you know you have a lot of ends. Oiy! Personally I LOVE weaving in the ends. Seeing the finished edges nice and square. It's a such a feeling of satisfaction and I would be happy to weave in your ends if you want to send me your piece.  HAHA!

Just beginning another week and already looking forward to heading back to the cottage next weekend. I took Friday off so I can prepare for a special Mother's Day celebration we are having out there on Saturday.

A sneak peek at what I am currently working on... my first time Blocking.

More to come... have a super week!

~ Arlene

p.s. please follow along with me on my colorful journey through crochet, sewing and all things creative.

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