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Monday, 19 June 2017

Crochet Satisfaction and Busy Bees

Over the last week or so I have been getting such joy from working on my tribute blankets, block after block. It's very satisfying. Block 2 is completed and beginning block 4 which is a bit more complicated but worth every minute. I know that makes no sense but silly me started the project out of order.

Block 2 is the Star Stitch, which is still my favourite. Above is the bowl I use at the cottage to keep all my crochet needs and my reading glasses in one place.

I have blocked the first 2 sets of blocks and they look fantastic. I hope all the squares block this well.

I have never wet blocked anything before... until this project. It works!

 I love that I can stack them allowing airflow without taking up too much room. They were a curling mess but once blocked they come out so perfect it just tickles me pink. It also seems to make them softer which is a lovely treat.

I soaked the blocks in warm water for 15 minutes. Placed them one by one on an absorbent towel and rolled them up. Then I gently squeezed the towel to remove any access water. Once I completed this I pinned them to the foam mat using the measurement markings to confirm size.

I moved them into a corner where they would not get direct sunshine so as to not discolor the yarn and waited a week... and perfection.

On to block 3 and 4, a long way to go... I really have to stay focused to get this done by my made up due date. Yeah I am behind.

At the cottage we have these lovely overgrown hedges which provide us with plenty of privacy, flowers and bees. Bees are endangered now so it does me heart good to see them doing so well at our tiny cottage over the hedge.

Lilacs and honeysuckle of several varieties.

I thought there wouldn't be an issue but taking a picture of busy bees is really difficult :-)

Please share what you are working on with me. I'd love to see it. Let's inspire each other.

~ Arlene

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